24 March 2008

No More SMART Tunnel?! OMG

I just read The Star newspaper and I came to this news article saying that SMART tunnel were closed on Saturday 6pm for diverting flood to prevent flooding in the city.... With the SMART tunnel closed there will be a lot of consumers use back the "old" style of travel to work.

SMART tunnel really aids a lot in congestion in my area, but now it is closed and the old congestion road will be occurring again, no doubt. Stuck on road for 30 minutes if you travel to work on 7am or back on 7 - 8pm....

Honestly the cost of going through SMART tunnel wasn't cheap but still consumers are willing to pay because they do not want to stuck in the traffic congestion. Seems like they are applying the economic theories, which is consumer is willing to pay for necessity instead of luxury.... And this SMART tunnel is a necessity provided you have car to travel to work.

You ask me, how often do I use the SMART tunnel? Hehe. NONE because I do not need to use the tunnel to get to my destination.

How many times have I used the tunnel? Well ONCE, it was a coincident! I were on my way back to my home, then I pick the wrong turn probably due to my sleepiness at 11pm then I kept on going until there is a sign board pointing that there is a road back to Pudu, So I took it, and I was in front of SMART tunnel...So I do not the choice but to use the SMART tunnel. By the way it was free because it was still in testing stage.


LaSh said...

You're getting worried to get stuck for 30 min? :P

That's cake over here! You should come try yourself, you can get stuck easily for hours :P

EliteVillain said...

Aiyer 30min for 1km distance i feel like forever edy....dun wan more than that..or im literally dead in the car XD haha