21 March 2008

DiGi customers were asked to be cautious

I just received an SMS from DiGi, sent at 11.43am. The content of the SMS is as following :

Public Service Message from DiGi. We advise our customers to ignore any SMS promising cash rewards and cash prizes from unidentified sources.

So I guess there are a lot of customers had been scammed. To be honest my friend taught me how to identify whether the call is genuine or scam. Let's say if you received an SMS from DiGi right?
The message content will record the sender name, and it will be writing DIGI and not some other hand phone numbers. This applies to Maxis and Celcom too. The weird part is that, our bank SMS services is not similar to this issue....

So I figure I should go ask the banks.... As usual no real and exact answers because the numbers they called you is the number of the branch telephone number or bank headquarter phone number. So you can either ask the numbers and remembered it so there will be no scam about banks offer. Although so far I had yet received any bank scams. Besides that even Astro phone scam is running around....


L B said...

Thanks for dropping by, man! I haven't received any sms scams yet! Wasted..

angeles said...

OK, I forgot wat i wanted to comment... Boink?

I hv been rcving more SMS-es lately fr Digi and some weird numbers, all ads. I very not happy... how?

EliteVillain said...

@LB thanks for dropping by too.

@angeles why you want to Boink? :P
about the SMS if there is no charges upon receiving it then don't bother else you should call the DiGi helpline and talk to the customer service.

Usually i receive calls from scammers, so just to warn you guys beware of doing any payments to them =)