19 March 2008

What if you are not a Human?

What if you are not a human? What will you do after you found out this truth? Lately a lot of series aired saying that they were not a normal human(Heroes, Kyle XY, Roswell, etc) or some aliens(Smallville, Angel, etc)

If I really know I am non-human....I will be freak out, and hide like what the series done, so call fulfill the destiny like having no choice of choosing my own fate. Better runaway and live a normal life. Series like Heroes, shows that they will stand up and save the world, Smallville shows that Clark ran away from his destiny and tries to live his own normal farm life. Kyle XY would train his skills and help the people around him.

I don't think I can handle by myself so it's kinda shows that we all need people to support each other, as the saying goes "together we are strong, divided we are weak".

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Ă…ngele said...

I'm not sure if I would have liked to be non-human on a longterm basis but it's kind of exciting to think that as a non-human, you'd have powers and do things other can't ^^

Just for a few days maybe I'd like to be non-human! :o