03 April 2008

J Precast

Jensen Precast was founded in 1968in Reno and the company continue expending it's business to many countries, and currently the company had expanded to Las Vegas, Nevada and Sacramento, California, and many other countries.

Precast Concrete is one of the Jensen Precast products and Jensen Precast do produce some fabricated steel products especially for underground utilities.

Jensen Precast also manufacturing wastewater products such as Precast Concrete Septic Tanks, Grease Interceptors, Sand-Oil Interceptors, Clarifiers, Holding Tanks, Dosing Tanks, Pump and Lift Stations,and Pit Liners. All these materials are for building constructions probably hotels.

Besides that Jensen Precast do provide other services like utility structure including Electric Transmission, Distribution, Telecommunication/Communication, Water Distribution, Natural Gas Distribution, and Cable TV. These are for residential usage.

Although I am not an expert in what Jensen Precast company working area or what the company manufacture but I do know that this company has been around the industry for many many years and they are growing, even their material productions are enlarging.