04 April 2008

Nearby TARC a car window was shattered...

Yes this happened on yesterday 4/3/2008 when I was doing my routine, walking to Melati LRT station after revision class, around 4.15pm. I was with my friend walking down the road and we saw a car left side window were shattered.

It seems like that car were robbed before we got there. We believe it is a student's car, the car is old because there was no alarm after the window shattered. As we walked on we saw a police car passed by and at our surprise the police car did not notice the window car were shattered....The car was parked outside the TARC, just a few meters away from the gate. So guys you all should becareful of this as it will happen again.

Seems like there will be no one noticing this incident happened until students walk pass it.....Of course we did not do anything too, besides what else can we do, go to police station and report about it?? There is no police station nearby the TARC. Thus we head back home...

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