11 April 2008

KLIA first incident....

For so many years KLIA had never occur even 1 incident, not even airplanes accident. We can say that KLIA is the most safest area in Malaysia ever! The KLIA provide good service and even parking outside the terminal are not allowed because policemen are everywhere, once you parked there for 5 minutes they will ask you to move your car away from the terminal door; discourage crowding I guess.

After yesterday incident, KLIA has lost it's title of being the most safest area. I mean safe from being rob or worry will be shot by unknown people or surrounded by beggars. Sigh....

Yesterday the Money Changer that is located inside KLIA was robbed and the robbers had runaway with approximately 4 million ringgits. Right now as I am blogging the policemen are still investigating the crime scene trying to collect some clues that will lead them to the robbers.

Many questions were asked with no answers. Even I myself am doubt of this kind of incident could ever happened.... Because the road to ENTER into KLIA area is VERY RARE to be specific, there is ONLY ONE!
How can robbers escape?
Besides, for so many years there is no such incident therefore how did the robbers knew that there will be so much of money inside the Money Changer?
Then why the robbers did not think of robbing the Banks inside KLIA?

Weird huh? Don't you think so?

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Another Chapter blog said...

I posted a message on my shoutbox about your reply. Thanks for dropping by.

Huei said...


haih..sad cunt-tree dontcha think? >.<

or maybe the guards were pampered with the safety..n were too shocked to react! hahahha

阿仔 said...

very weird lorh,i oso dun understand why tis kind of thing will happened at KLIA...haiz..