02 April 2008

Scrubs & Beyond

Have you heard about dickies scrubs, I personally think it is a weird name, dickies. Well according to Scrubs & Beyond, right now they have a lot of latest dickies uniforms available in store.

They sell shirts and pants in store, some uniforms price has decreased, so you might be interested.

Is your wardrobe consist of cherokee medical scrubs, actually it is not really that related to medical, the way I see it as a dress for you to go clinic or hospital before getting dress-up as a real nurse. But these shirts definitely suit for lady doctors, no matter what dress is it, there will always have a lot of colours to choose from in store.

Well I am not very good in female dresses, but these Barco metro scrubs suits the metropolis living people, the name says it all. Right now Barco Metroscrubs Drawstring scrub pants is in store selling at $7.99 - $9.99.