26 May 2008

Bloggers Beware of MCMC!

This is really surprising although it is just 22 sites out of million sites, still it proves that the government is taking action upon bloggers who are publishing false information.

The government is facing a real hard time in taking action upon the bloggers because the website/blog platforms are operating outside Malaysia, can I say we are lucky and can still get away without being charged to court?

No more free-speech in blogosphere?!

I am guessing the measure taken by MCMC will end soon because it is not that easy to find and investigate every websites/blogs in forseeable future( 5 years )

Of course those efforts need time, by the time they go through my blog I guess I am old and I won't be doing much blogging instead I will be playing around with my grandson :P wahaha

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day-dreamer said...

Want them to check your blog before you play with your grandson? Okay, I help report now. LOL! :P

_butt said...

kakaka... jahat la Day-dreamer ni :P

most of the blogs under the radar of MCMC are probably political-based. yours not rite? so no worries lah.

EliteVillain said...

@DD : so bad want report me.... not before i report u first :P

@butt : ya not politic :D

Johnny Ong said...

its actually by the time they go thru the real political bloggers' blogs, we cld be playing with our grandchildren then

Sheng Loong said...

I think the government just want to scare other bloggers so that the bloggers will not criticize them on the Internet!