26 May 2008

I had Passed!

Yes, my result has been released and I had passed all my resit. Really thank God for blessing me, because I had pray hard beside study hard ...... Eventhough I had passed, I am having a mix feeling, sad and happy. I can't even say which one dominates which.

Some of my friends failed to make it to next semester. This is really disappointing because we had been through 2 semesters and they can't make it..... Though I had pray for them maybe it is not enough...

Didn't wish to see this coming but it did anyway. Of course some of my friends did make it to second year of the course but they are carrying one resit(this time external). But I am still glad that some of them can make it.

As usual, everytime result released a lot of students will go login and check their result that is the first thing they do before continue doing other stuffs, so I hope the result did not spoil their mood.

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_butt said...

congratulations, elitevillain!

new semester add more oil ahh :D

day-dreamer said...

Congratulations too!

My results not out yet. >.<

阿仔 said...

congratulation ya! ^^
my result haven come out.. T_T

EliteVillain said...

Thanks all....and all the best :D