17 May 2008

Dr M Smiling Away

Big News....Dr M is caught in some wrong doings. He proudly saying that people had been trying to find his crimes during his 22 years as Prime Minister, but they all end up in vain. Now he is smiling away and wanted to be in court to help the investigation, in the hope to arrest those who are involved....

It is very surprising because Dr M is smiling when reporters questioned him. He is very confident, and he even say that he hope the police investigate his case end up with "no case".

And he keep on appearing in media....either newspaper or news.....I haven't heard radio talking about him :P but seriously before he pass away, he made a mark in Malaysian hearts, nevertheless he keeps on appearing in media will help us refresh the image of his face and body.

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1 comment:

Johnny Ong said...

Dr M has quit once and for all at noon time on 19 May 2008. a historic event and more to see