19 May 2008

Dr M Dare to Quit

Seriously Dr M just quits UMNO today! Wow what an outburst! This surprises everyone and I do mean even Prime Minister Abdullah.

He even stated why he quits UMNO due to lack of confidence in the current leadership, pin pointing our current Prime Minister and the lost in the 12th general election on 8 of March 2008.

His drastic action motive is to force PM Abdullah to take the responsibilities on the huge lost in the 12th general election, this is why Dr M ask other UMNO members to quit too.

However our PM believe that some of the members will quit but not majority of them. Thus PM is still refuses to step down. Strong confident in himself.

We'll see how it goes, it's gonna be very huge impact from now....Stay Tune =P

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1 comment:

Su Sheng Loong said...

Actually I don't see the point of his quit from UMNO. In my opinion, if he wishes to fight against Abdullah, he should stay in the UMNO. But Dr.M is intelligent and perhaps he has some other strategies.