20 May 2008

Red Eye~

Last 2 days I got eye allergy or infection, not sure why or how but it just came! I Just wanted to WARN all my readers about using EYE MO to cure red eye, THAT IS A HUGE MISTAKE!

If your eyes are having allergy or infection please consult your doctor. How do you differentiate? Well if allergy then your eyes just went red and itchy. If infection then you will have swollen eyes plus you will have a lot of tears discharge from your eyes. That is what I heard from the doctor.

My eye went red is due to allergy, especially dust. What the doctor prescribe to me is an eye drop bottle and a medicine(in case eye get too itchy).

Some doctor prescribed you a salt water bottle and eye drop if you get eye infection well different doctor different case. All I wanted to inform you all is there are 2 types of red eyes; Allergy or Infection.

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