22 May 2008

Oh? School Uniform is Sexy because it's White?

Tell you the truth I had no idea about what so sexy about the school girls uniform. Then again this is a survey done by the non-profit organisation, so I guess it's kinda true. If you say the uniform is sexy and it is encouraging rapist and pre-marital sex then why standardised government schools wear uniform?

Like Canada or USA the students in those countries are not forced to wear uniforms; instead they are free to wear any kind of shirts. But in Malaysia I think we can add a rule or two about the dressing code, like no mini-skirt allowed :P

But if insist on uniforms then make it another kind of colour instead of white blouse, since this is a HOT country, why blouse? Not HOT enough? Go for yellow or blue shirt for girls.

Before that is done, now what girl can do is be decent and go home earlier to prevent rape and pre-marital sex. Parents must make sure that happen :( sad but I don't know other way beside this and educating the teenagers.....

Well really can't think of other way to curb it.....What say you?


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day-dreamer said...

Aiya, the blouse so white and so thin, wear liao also hot.

Actually it is one of the minor reasons I didn't want to take Form 6 coz I hate Malaysian school uniforms. Haha.

_butt said...

ridiculous, don't you think? not surprised to know which NGO conducted this survey though.

as for students in US, I think those in private schools would need to wear uniforms too. :)