14 June 2008

First Tutorial Classes =(

Well after my recovery from dengue I return to my college to resume my course....Monday to Friday lectures and tutorials. This week is the first time I attend my tutorial classes and I can't say it is a great start nor it's a disaster but it just plainly sucks.

Because I do not even know what are the tutors teaching style and I had no clue on how to interpret the tutorial questions as all of these were taught while I was hospitalized! OMG!

First tutorial classes all tutors were asking questions and teaching and guiding every students except me because I was stranded!! DAMN! I had no idea what the tutors are teaching or even delivering..... MAN a lot of work to do and a lot of homeworks to pass up! I am desperately need someone to help me by my side....

Well there is a good thing happened during the week that is we have a new group merging with us, so we can have a chance to meet new friends from the same course. you have to understand we can't really know everyone in the course( 350 pupils ) so now we have a chance to meet another 11 students and know them during these 2 semesters ( 1 year ).

Oh another thing is that I have the records so I got to listen to it in order to catch up a bit, you have to know attending and listening to the records are different! Listening without knowing what the lecturers show on board is cruel T_T sad....

Just have to get use to this, look at the bright side it's just 3rd week starting next week is week number 4 I hope I can manage it because the admission to the hospital is out of my plan :)

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Sheng Loong said...

Which college are you studying? Try not to get depressed.

EliteVillain said...

Tunku Abdul Rahman

Don't worry I am good in handling stress :P