08 June 2008

Friends Visited Me

Honestly when I was admitted into Tong Shin Hospital, I was really tired and just keep vomiting.....Every breathe I took I smell unpleasant odor....Just can't stand it...

Ok so I was tired but I manage to type a few SMS and send to my friends just to inform them I was in hospital. A lot of my friends came to visit me, they bought fruits and 100 plus for me to drink. I thank them for being so caring. I am sorry for they have to see me in a very "unique" way, as the day they visit me I couldn't show my healthy face lol.
Warning Long POST AHEAD!!

Nevertheless, they saw me vomiting and they saw how suffering I am. I am sorry to let you all see me like this but I am well now, hope you guys will never have to see me like that again lolz. They saw me had my lunch and I vomited everything out, my disgusting did not made them run away because I lock the toilet door hehe.

Well they were there to cheer me up, just like usual we joke around but I could not laugh a lot so I kept a smile. Then my mother's friend who is also my insurance agent came to visit me too, she even brought me a pack of food such as organic bread, pity I really can't consume it but I was able to take all of it in the next day =) TQ

Then the visit came to an end because the nurse had to stick my ass with a dose of medicine.....Pain in my ass made me feeeeeel so High and the medicine made me fall asleep..... With a wave of goodbye and there goes my friends, pity they have to drive back home during rainy day....

Kinda embarrassing because this is the first time I admitted into hospital. For so far my life I never admitted into any hospital except when I was a baby.

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仔堡垒 said...

sorry cant go visit u... :p
Dun keep blogging larh,rest more!rest more! :D

Michelle said...

my first admission was due to dengue too. i am sure u are recovering fast now. =) btw, did u get my email bout the CC review?

babyfiona said...

Omg! Kena cucuk backside..must be damn painful. You should rest more and really, you should start listening to your friend's advise. Don;t blog too much..I see your blog listing also I wanted to pengsan LOL! Take care