19 June 2008

News Noted....IMO

To my surprise I found out this news about a sex VCD exposed his wife's lesbian, even this personal matter had to publish into the newspaper. And why the husband shows the VCD to the media? I am not too sure, in my opinion he maybe wants to have the fame, but I think it's shame.


Besides that, boycotting the newspaper campaign had been launched by the five Pakatan Rakyat-led. This is due to newspaper no longer publishing unbiased news. I believe this will disturb the newspaper business, but then Malay Mail is up for promoting the newspaper because I saw it at near by LRT station, because not all newspapers are boycotted only Utusan Malaysia.


After a decade only the issue brought back.....The evidences could had gone elsewhere or maybe no where to be found. Even the witness will have the hard time to recall the incident.... So I am not sure why the issue about Dr M threatens Judges.....Don't know how long will this case has to go on.

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