24 June 2008

What is the Safest PLace Again?

It is really a shocking news when I read the newspaper saying that a policeman raped a girl. OMFG our safest place to find shelter from bad guys has now become a dangerous place. After the couple being caught, the male and female are sent to a different room and the female were ordered to undress.

What's next is that she was molested and raped after that..... How can happened? I think it is because when it comes to night time the police station filled with very less policemen that is why the rapist can do whatever he likes, there should be more than 10 policemen to look over each other shoulders from committing crime! This will prevent one of the policemen abusing the rights!

I hope the government or related authorities will do something about adding more policemen to prevent their own forces committing crimes such as bribery and rape. Besides it is better because when there is crime happening around the area we do not need to wait for back up from other branches instead the policemen can straight away come.

By the way, if the crime we committed is not serious there should not be nude squat happen! Remember!

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1 comment:

Johnny Ong said...

this fella shld be penalised at the maximum level they cld think of