14 July 2008

Happy 21st Birthday to Myself ^^v

Well yes it is my birthday today 14th of July, unfortunately no celebration or party for my 21st birthday. The reason is because I have mid-term tests on today, Monday and tomorrow Tuesday!!

But it is ok because I did not even plan for my 21st birthday too I believe a lot of people do not celebrate their 21st too. I would like to thank my friends who SMS me and those who had wished me in MSN and those who had called me!

I am surprised that a lot of my friends wished me Happy Birthday compared to last year :P Thanks again....

Those who had wished me I believe you all had my replies along with my wishes =) I hope the wish will come true and bestowed upon you. I believe that good things needed to be shared upon with those who care about me ^^v As long as you are sincere, even there is no present I will still be happy because your heart saved a place for me =)

Wish you all the best and stay wealthy and healthy!!!!

Ok time to get back to my revision(last test) =|

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day-dreamer said...

Happy birthday!

_butt said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!

rmb to celebrate kaw kaw after exam oh ;)

chew peng said...

u ma good lo.. u get alot of friend wish u compared to last year.. i gam gam terbalik.. kesian.. even some of the people wish me after my birthday..
ur friend say wanna celebrate kaw kaw wit u after the exam ma.. then enjoy it lo.. hehe..

elaine said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!
aiyo,u shd tell mii early mah,i can buy a present 4 u..
haih,too late d,nvm year lorh...hahaha... :p