11 July 2008

Two more to Go.

After the first mid-term test on Wednesday there are 2 more to go. Yes it is a very busy week until I really have to learn to manage time EFFICIENTLY. My God this year 2 life is much more tougher than year 1....I did perceive that it will be hard and restless but the reality it is not as what I had perceived...

Man worst come to worst I would flunk my mid-term and barred from exam, of course just one of the subjects that do not allow for MAKE-Good test. The rest of them if I flunk it I will get a make good test for it.

Sigh....These coming 2 mid-term are in very tight schedule as they are in next week Monday and Tuesday....Wish me luck lolz

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Anonymous said...

Poor Ken Wai..
His birthday fall on BA test..
Anyways wish u best of luck in CR MID TERM n HAPPY 21th BIRTHDAY to u..
Hope u stay happy always..


elitevillain said...

it's ok .... expected this coming 2months ago hehe that's why didn't plan to celebrate it ^^

Thanks you LiyLiy =)