29 July 2008

RapidKL Finally Break Down

This Tuesday morning when I was on my way to RapidKL Putra LRT Masjid Jamek there was a notice stating that there was a technical difficulties occurred and I thought it was for yesterday so I did not even care about it.....

Until I came and waited for more than 15minutes and the announcement keep on repeating finally I pay attention to the announcement.....Guess what they said it gonna take more than 1 hour to fix the problem....Compare to StarLine LRT, they have less technical failure.....Or did they maintain better than Putra? Sigh.

Man I was struggling on what other way to help me get to my destination beside Taxi. I forgot which Bus number can get to TARC so I gave up and waited the LRT....guess what I met my coursemate. So he called his friend to send him to the college, we just have to get there before 8.30am fortunately we did and the station we were forced to stop is SetiaWangsa....Taking taxi from here was impossible because there were A LOT OF PASSENGERS!! MORE THAN 20!! Pity some of the college students who were facing Mid-term test in the morning....They are going to face make good after all....WE WERE STRANDED!! Can I say we made our very own Lost series in Malaysia version? LOL

How can this break down happened? Although it was due to glitches but still taking like so many hours fixing it? On 12pm the RapidKL was still having difficulties....until i went back to TARC again on 3.30pm the train was back to normal, man at this time not many people were using, besides it was just 1 hour left to go home.

Well all I can say I am lucky because I was late for 30 minutes for my morning lecture while some others made it on 9am which already late for 1 hour(still have 1hour and 30min before the lecture ends).

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day-dreamer said...

RapidKL sucks.

EliteVillain said...

dun mention it....i have no choice but to take it -_- one way to my TARC

cc said...

Seems like a lot of people are caught in the 'glitch'! Hope it doesn't happen again!

p/s: Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)