24 July 2008

My 21st Birthday Pictures

What I am about to show you all is my 21st birthday pictures which I had just received from my friend's digital camera ^_^

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Some of you might find the picture funny maybe disgusting but please rest assure all of the pictures are not 18 above contents =P friend who came from Port Dickson just to celebrate my 21st birthday! I'm moved....and thrill ^^

Dinner during my 21st birthday celebration this happened in "Ming Cha Xuan" at Wangsa Maju.

As you can see the picture inside, the top of the cake is a shit....yes it is a shit take a look carefully!

In case you don't know they loved the shit more than I do so you know why they want to put the shit right? lolz

After they showed me the cake I was shocked.....but when they showed me the present, I was stunned and could not utter a word.....Because the present is RM 1 dove.

Yeah I dislike the shit therefore I showed "o0o" haha

This is the pictures of my group who always stick together for assignment, and all other gatherings ^_^

Well this....This is the picture taken with my fellow ex-classmates and ex-group mates....we still keep in touch and sometimes hang out together although not that often anymore.

Now you see the "thing"....which they gonna removed it...

Just so you know, the shit was removed before I cut the cake .... because they want the "thing" in one piece lolz

Told ya they love the shit more than I do.....and he was all over it haha

Well they just like to act the "thing" stinks....although it's just a cream!!

Happy birthday Gathering ^_^
Bon Anniversaire <--French

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