26 August 2008

Stop Pushing Please?

The people who are taking LRT are always so pushy! I do not understand why they have to push you from behind when they knew you gonna be pissed and scold them "STOP PUSHING" and in the end they apologize...

So what's the pushing? There is a queue, you can get in if the train inside NOT FULL!! I just freaking bought a new shoes and they just step on my shoes like no body business....retarded fella! Really need someone to fine or punish those retards for pushing from behind!

Really "buai tahan" with people pushing me from behind when I am moving NOT SLOWLY it was the fella in front that is slowing us down.....I too wants to get into the train before the door closes after the siren end but what can we do if the people in front not being considerate? We just have to be patient a bit more DON'T PUSH SOMEONE MIGHT TRIP!!!

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cc said...

Sometimes it's the one person who pushes that can start a ripple effect. It's the bad apples that spoil it for the rest of us.

^^ sTupiD t|nG^^ said...

wah.. buy new shoes haolian o.. i aso wan step ur shoes.. wakaka!!!

walk through money online journal said...

hmmm, people sometimes are complicated.. Communiting is already hard and they are making it harder.
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EliteVillain said...

@cc : yah and they did spoil the image

@biting : don't step on my new shoes lar -__-

@walk : ~_~ how complicated?

Johnny Ong said...

my opinion -
1. those are uncivilised people
2. haven't got the slightest idea what manners are all about
3. kiasu as in afraid that they'll be missing that train
4. late for appointment but they themselves contributed to that
5. they don't care how you feel

EliteVillain said...

@johnny : wah you seems like very pissed with those people! you must have been through the same thing XD