26 October 2008

My Days as Flyer Boy

I am now currently working as a flyer boy for a company. Flyer boy is defined as a person who distributes papers0 to the pass-byers whom might be a potential customers to the particular company.

I will be paid at the rate of Rm 12 per hour, one day only 5 hours of work is needed which only available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is not as easy as I thought it would be, although it is just a simple job as standing there for 5 hours and giving out papers to anyone on the street. Those 3 days were so hot only the 1st day of my work was raining.

I am going to start by telling you guys that there are a lot of reasons why people do not take your flyers eventhough it is free but I only manage to prove 1 so far.... Because there is a bunch of so called monks on the street who gave out a small card and scam money from foreigners. I had few people asking me whether the papers that I was going to distribute is free or not! Well we still can distribute out papers because this is one of the marketing strategy and it really works because we saw the company having more sales than last few days =) No thanks to us the staffs have to get busy now...

People came from everywhere even the lost one came to me just to ask for directions, though I tried my best to point out the location to them =S Nevertheless there people who took the papers and yelling happily "Ikan...Ikan!" some just asked me to give them more of the flyers lol it was funny =) I thank them for making me so motivated. Some return back the flyers to us.... Some pretend to take it but in the end they shove their hands off, just to fool you that he will take your flyers..... Even then there were some who just bump onto your hand and made your flyer fell on the floor....

Luckily we don't have any target/quota to meet in the end of the day, so we don't have to take a lot of flyers out until it is finished then we go to the office to reimburse...

Lastly of course with the uniform my female friend dressed had some people came to take pictures with her! We guys don't have the uniform yet.

That's my experience as a flyer boy. Although it is just 3rd day and there are more days to come, I bet it will be fun to know some UGLINESS =)

Oh did I mention the one who will be in-charge is a friend of mine? =P hehe it has been a while since I met her....Good to see her again.

Time to make my schedule making sure I will study for my ACCA external exams.

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_butt said...

hey flyer boy, how's it going? =)