30 January 2009

Great Chinese New Year Activity

Well what my secondary friends and I had yesterday (Cho 4) was a big gathering, a total of 20 persons including myself. it's been years since we reach this amount of people, though this year a bit different because we have 3 new comers. Doesn't matter anyway, all we wanna had was a great day of outing together!

Like everyone during Chinese New Year the Chinese citizens will gamble, visit houses to collect "ang pow", have lunch and dinner together!

So yeah I gamble but was a total loss instead of win T__T seems like it is true that Rabbit has no gamble luck this year only the Rabbit banker won =_= Don't be greedy when it comes to gamble :P but still it was great time because it is one of the activity that whole gang of friends can join and have fun.

After we visited the 2nd house it was already 7pm and after dinner it's 8.30pm so we try our luck went to "Tian Hou Gong" a place near the Mid Valley. Unfortunately it was traffic congested! A lot of cars stuck in the middle of the 45 degree slope which was very dangerous due to the slippery road, that moment we knew we can't take picture there. So we end up having a 30 minutes discussion at the side of the road before we decide to go 3rd house and have a drink(no alcohol =D)

Next, we had less "ang pow" this year because some of the parents weren't home so we end up more time playing instead of visiting others' houses to collect "ang pow"...

The gathering ends at 2am when everyone was tired and dismissed back to respective house...

I hope next year will have as much fun as this year ^_^

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