14 March 2009

No Samaritan?!

Yes you heard mother and I drove out and shopping at Pudu near by, just when we're finished window shopping we found out that the car could not be started!! Oh mother knew it was the weak battery problem although when we drove out this afternoon was still strong, and we are 100% sure there is nothing left on before we left the car, so the battery is weak we can still start the car if only a samaritan HELP US by doing a "JUMP START" via the battery using the JUMP START CABLE.

What an asshole I can tell you, I am so damn frustrated when i try to approach the uncle who QUICKLY jump into the car with his wife do not roll down(not even a bit) the window to listen what I am trying to tell him, I can't even hear what is his reply!!! What an asshole you faggot with the car plat number of WKV 35**!!! Does my freaky ugly face looks like I wanted to rob you? or even sell you some SHIT?! Look at my mother and my baby brother at least before reject to lend a hand, you asshole, I curse you for not helping. Chinese did not even help their own races, this is really shameful!

You wonder how we solve the problem in the end? After 20 minutes of search for some samaritans to help, I give up asking for jump start cable and I seek help from a security guard to help us at the parking lot. He help us push the car although only after the 4th time the car can be started but thanks to him we can drive to a near by battery shop and had it changed! Unlike the others who just passed by, this shows how low our moral and education, and how high is the barrier of communication.....It's a sad society....

If you feel offended of whatever I said, I apologize but this is what had happened today! And I never forget how the people abandon you without even try....

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