21 March 2009

Some News I Guess

I bring in the bad news before the good news arrive, tonight at 8.30pm a child who is about 7 or 9 year old rang my door bell. Just when I looked at him with nice cloth and shoes, he spoke in a nervous manner and ask me to give him some money! Unbelieveable! This is the first time ever some child comes to this Condomenium and beg for money....Usually is salesman and I shut the door without listening to what he going to say! Sorry...

Really sad to see this, using a child to beg for money....No wonder lesser people believes in children. I refuse to give him money after hearing him said "I need money for my family, can you give me some money?" while watching him playing with his own fingers, it's like releasing nervous or create distraction for himself.... and he continues to go rang others' door bell.....

I believe this is inappropriate for ringing all door bell and beg money, there is an organisation that can help him if he needs money although they are slow but still if a child needs help, non-profit organisation will do their best to lend a hand.

I sincerely hope his parents(healthy parents) remorse of what they asked their child to do such act!

During the recession time our beloved government is still able to offer 3,000 jobs for information and communications technology(ICT). Government will spend RM72mil for them to become facilitators in schools with SchoolNet connectivity nationwide!

Then another good news is about a single mother Serena Masing who is overwhelmed by the support shown by well-wishers who have offered cash, toys and even jobs to help her care for her twins who are suffering from kidney failure. She moved from Miri to Shah Alam two years ago with the nine-year-old girls in a last-ditch attempt to save their lives. The twins, who are on the waiting list for kidney transplants, require daily dialysis treatment, which is not available in Miri.

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