25 March 2009

Personal Branding

Ever heard of "Personal Branding"? I just heard of this from my tutor CK Chiau today. I only know there is a thing call "how to sell yourself" but not Personal Branding.

CK told us(me and my classmates) that a successful Personal Branding is how you PRESENT yourself with your PERSONALITY. If you are successful in this then people will remember your face and whenever you mention yourself attended whatever function the people will be able to recall your face although maybe not your name but still it is better than not remembering you.

We all have our own unique personalities just matter of how we present ourself with these personalities! CK is holding a seminar or talk about this Personal Branding. It is really interesting!

This kind of thing is what we need when we go out to work and learn from successful businessman like my tutor CK(he was a TARCian and now he is giving back what TARC had done for him) =P hehe, hope he will teach us more about it...I can tell you he is the kind of person that you want to follow him around and learn from =D That's my view.

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Johnny Ong said...

i need the branding to sell my condo now haha

EliteVillain said...

haha...but your condo is pretty nice, I'm sure it will sell itself :P hehe I'm kidding about the part that it sell itself