28 March 2009

Try the Newest MSN version 2009!

MSN Version : 2009 (Build 14.0.8064.206)

I feel this version is way cooler than the previous! Well done Microsoft! Kudos!!

As you can see from the picture this current version added some new features and eliminated some of the previous feature. I only notice few of it so first they eliminated the "SHARE FOLDER" option....Next they add in "PUBLISH FILES ONLINE", much cooler isn't it? Not too shabby I guess, and the MSN icon has changed too as the status had been replaced with COLOURS(Green = Online/ Orange = Away/ Red = Busy).

They also add in some new MSN background can be chose from the option, allowing you to choose the NEW designed layouts! Mine is the Blue Mountain.

Another new feature is the Favorites and Groups categories! This "What's New" thingy only show out what have your contact lists people have done, well last time it merge with Advertisement, I just hope it can link with FACEBOOK and wish the Microsoft would have added some features that allows me to choose or customize the SHAPE of the Messenger :D

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