01 April 2009

FREE Ads on Google AdWords

Right now Google AdWords offers RM150 free advertising credit, so you can try AdWords at risk-free!!

Well it is very tempting so I guess I should give it a try. What do you know? There is a RM 20.00 charges upon clicking the "Save and Activate" button. SIgh so it is not free after all....It requires you to enter your genuine credit or debit card number with the verification code too so they can charge you RM 20.00.

I guess I could not try the AdWords since I refuse to pay the RM 20.

Anyway you guys can try the RM 150 promotion just by paying the non-refundable RM 20!

As you know AdWords is the best advertiser after all.

BY THE WAY, have anyone of you ever tried to GOOGLE your own name before? It is really amazing how your name can appears at a lot of websites :P This proves there are a lot people promoting your name INDIRECTLY! LOL!! Well my net name "SamSeiko" or "EliteVillain" are promoted by myself so I know those websites that I had visited and commented thus it is not surprising to see them. But my real name "Ong Ken Wai" now that is weird because not even one result lead to my real name....but last few months it showed up in my college blog! Well now it's gone, not even facebook is in the result list!!!! ~_~ but my facebook is [SamSeiko] not [ONG KEN WAI] :D

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