30 April 2009

Get Your Abs Right (Part ONE_)

We all wish to have a sexy flat belly a.k.a abs but do we know the right way to do it? I just saw this article from Yahoo News. It's sure interesting, I think I am doing the wrong way that is why I am still not getting any good result!!! Sigh....

So I compiled the articles that related to ABS so we can see good result on our belly :D

First we have to know the "6 Ab Mistakes That Are Holding You Back" article. There are 6 myths about ab exercise.
Below are the summary...For full article please refer to the original website.

1. Myth: To get rock-hard, you have to work your abs every day.
Abs need rest and recovery: It's only during rest that your muscles build.

2. Myth: A good ab workout takes half an hour.
"If it takes you that long to feel them working, you're doing something wrong," says Kaehler.

3. Myth: Super-slow crunches make you stronger.
Taking as much as a minute per crunch doesn't make you stronger than regular crunches do.

4. Myth: The best time to train your abs is at the end of your workout.
The best time to work them is simply whenever you're most likely to do it.

5. Myth: You can't get a six-pack by doing Pilates.
"Pilates exercises your core, so if you practice it regularly and combine it with diet and cardio, it can give you a six-pack," says Kimberly Lyons, a personal trainer in L.A.

6. Myth: You won't get firm without a weight machine.
You don't need weights to build sleek and sexy abs, although some competitive athletes do use them to build extra strength

Next article is about "Sexy, Strong Abs: The Easy Way!"

Every exercises must come with a balance diet, so we should follow the following suggestions from this article.
*Cut back on low-carb snacks.
because your body can't fully digest them.
*Run one mile less.
Moderate exercise, such as yoga or walking, can speed things through your system and help nix the problem.
*Watch it with condiments (eg salt).
A quarter cup of ketchup gives you a third of a day's sodium allotment.
*Push the potassium.
Find it in tomatoes, bananas, salmon, almonds and cherries.
*Have more H2O.
Drinking water makes you retain less water by carrying bloat-causing elements such as salt out of your body.

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