28 April 2009

A Fake Reader Digest Contest?

Is this a scam made similar to Reader Digest? I got this link from Facebook advertisements. I thought Facebook will filter out those scam or potential dangerous websites thus I do not check before clicking it. Well I guess it's ok since my pc has yet infected by any viruses.

OK back to this case. I tried to google out the website but it seems not much result when you included the badge code, though might get a lot of result about "" but to no vain I can't say the contest is won by others or not.
So is the contest genuine about winning a car?

I simply click the end result is still the same, and all the stages are almost automated, I felt kinda weird so I need someone to clarify this.

Well read the condition carefully as there written saying you need to subscribe RM 75 in order to enter the contest.

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