13 April 2009

Stop Facebook-ing, Save GPA!

Yes you heard me there! Stop making a lot Facebook profile updates now, so you can save your academic results! I have an article that proves people spend more time on Facebook but spend less time studying.... Is Facebook really that addictive???

Researchers have discovered how students who spend their time accumulating friends, chatting and “poking” others on the site may devote as little as one hour a week to their academic work.

Isn't that is what you are doing it everyday? Just poking around people or friends in Facebook and then if you see the chat pops up indicating someone's online you will go private message and there you go...You spent more than few minutes in Facebook just like what Times of London said.

Well we will never know until someone do a survey on it right? So here it is.
They found that 65% of Facebook users accessed their account daily, usually checking it several times to see if they had received new messages. The amount of time spent on Facebook at each log-in varied from just a few minutes to more than an hour.

Remarkable isn't it? This is taken from Times of London too.

So it is time to have a good time management and don't procrastinate your work. This can avoid stray away from your objectives during the day.

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day-dreamer said...

Well, I think if you have enough self-discipline and self-control, Facebook is okay. In fact, anything is okay.

EliteVillain said...

@DD : yeah but usually not :P I admit I'm one of them....I so addicted to FB until I promise myself login few minutes end up few hours...

Anonymous said...
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