03 May 2009

Funny Facebook Quiz Answers

LOL a prank from a friend of mine. After taking the "How well do you know SamSeiko" quiz he went haywire and put my name as one of the Halloween costume answers....haha funny isn't it?

Now everyone who took his quiz will be wondering who's name is that? lol...

Well it is sure fun when the quiz disease spread thorough facebook ^^

p.s. many people who had attempted my quiz gets 0% due to did not read my info in facebook ~__~ so i decided to put in the "what's on your mind" still no one read -_-"

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day-dreamer said...

LOL your friend so cute~

EliteVillain said...

haha yeah i know...maybe it's a good thing for spreading my fame :P

Anonymous said...

I know who is that person..

When i took the quiz i also surprise to see ur name there but u r famous to that person..

No wonder he use ur name in his quiz..

EliteVillain said...

lol liyliy...actually a lot of my friends took my quiz get 0% so Henry put my name inside to surprise me i guess >_<

coco_panda said...

Ok, stop.
I can't!

EliteVillain said...

what lar you coco....nevermind whenever you are sad you come here see sure laugh and happy again lor :P i bring happiness now!