02 May 2009

Get Your Abs Right (Part THREE_)

This is the last part for "Get Your Abs Right"

There are all types of work out that helps you to train your abs or belly. Therefore this is the last article that I wishes to highlight to all my readers "Get Flat Abs Fast" Try the various exercises so you can feel it. Follow the steps and if you don't understand please don't be shy to ask your physicians.
Here are the various abs workouts :

Belly Rolls
Works: vertical ab muscles
What to do: Sit with your legs bent, feet flat on the floor and arms straight in front of you. Exhale and roll back until your lower back touches the ground -- stop. Inhale and roll back up. Repeat 15 times. Now exhale and roll back until your shoulder blades touch the ground -- stop. Inhale and roll back up. Repeat 15 times.

Tummy Curls
Works: horizontal ab muscles
What to do: Lie on your back and bend your knees at an (almost) 90-degree angle with the floor, raising your feet slightly higher than your knees. Exhale, lift your butt and roll back to your shoulder blades. Inhale and roll to your tailbone -- stop (don't let your butt touch the ground).

Repeat 20 times.

Cross Crunches
Works: waist
What to do: Grab a liter bottle of water and lie on your back with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle with the floor. Cradle your left hand behind your head. Now hold the water bottle in your right hand, lift your head and shoulders off the ground and reach across your body, so the bottle is outside your left knee. "Pulse" 20 times. Switch sides and repeat.

Tailbone Lifts
Works: lower ab muscles
What to do: Lie on your back, arms stretched straight over your head and legs fully extended and crossed in the air. Exhale and lift your tailbone, then slowly lower as you inhale (don't just drop -- resist on the way down). Repeat 30 times.

Inverted Crunches
Works: lower back
What to do: Lie on your stomach, arms in front of you as if flying. Exhale and lift just your right arm and left leg as high as you can. Inhale and lower. Then switch, lifting your left arm and right leg. Alternate, doing 20 lifts on each side. Finally, lift both arms and legs 20 times.

These are the two videos that can illustrate further....Enjoy.

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Johnny Ong said...

lots of equipments are being advertised for the abs too. at the end of the day, its discipline to maintain that exercise routine

EliteVillain said...

Yes indeed. The determination is needed too in order to get things done.

coco_panda said...

why are you teaching this?

EliteVillain said...

so you can have a sexy abs. You should do it during your leisure time...