13 May 2009

How to Cancel a Friend Request in Facebook?

Did anyone of you trying to find out the way to cancel a friend request in Facebook, because you can do it in Friendster.

Well some of us just won't response to the friend request, probably they don't want to click "ignore" and offended you or they just want to see a lot of friend request in the notification. Otherwise it was you who requested the wrong profile to be added.

So for whatever reason we wanted to cancel the friend request we done right? Here's the steps you need to follow in order to get the request canceled.

1. Click on the 'Setting' link located in the top right hand corner of the page then click "Privacy Setting". OR
You can block someone by navigating to the Privacy page.

2. Go to the 'Block People' section (as shown in the picture).

3. Enter the name of the recipient and click 'Block'.

4. Facebook will show you a list of people with the similar name or variations of name. You locate the one you wish to block and click 'Block Person'.

* The recipient is now blocked and will not see your friend request!
* After some time has passed, unblock the recipient. You and they will not see the friend request, but now they can search for you and/or view your profile unless you set otherwise in your privacy settings.

IF you find this information useful please share with others. Thank You.
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Johnny Ong said...

i almost add anyone who adds me ... yeah almost. normally i'll send a msg on how are we linked and see what sort of response i'll be getting

EliteVillain said...

What if they don't reply? What will you do next Johnny?

Johnny Ong said...

if they don't respond, meaning to say they have no answer to it also. i'll ignore their request then.

those who are frequent facebook user will normally respond.

EliteVillain said...

Usually some random people just come in add you from Friend finder or maybe because you play a game they add you. I get your point of getting clarification. It's a way to prove they are genuine human :D