15 May 2009

Good Social Person

Have you ever wonder why you always social in the party or any place and you always get shut out? Or the person you talking with has noncommittal grunts, and darting eyes?
Ah, the signs of you're plain boring....

Well, I found something interesting to share with you all about being a good social person. I believe these are the basic rules for us to remember when we are going out to social. Fail to understand, you fail to make good impression.

"The very same thing may become either pleasing or offensive, by the manner of saying or doing it."
Always remember to choose the right tone, should it be sarcasm or neutral?
Using the wrong tone people will get offended by your remark.

"Dress is a very foolish thing, and yet it is a very foolish thing for a man not to be well dressed."
I always dress badly which makes me a bad impression for others, so don't simply dress because it shows the way you present yourself.

"Even where you are sure, seem rather doubtful; represent, but do not pronounce, and if you would convince others, seem open to conviction yourself."
Whenever you try to convince others you would try to give out reasons or opinions of yours to others which are all subjective and arguable. I won't try to convince others, but I let others to convince themselves as it is not my job!

"You will easily discover every man’s prevailing vanity, by observing his favourite topic of conversation; for every man talks most of what he has most a mind to be thought to excel in."
This is why "Silent is Gold" and "Less is More". So I better talk less otherwise the cat is out of the bag!

"People give more weight to their early information (were you engaged, warm, distracted, pompous?) than to later information, so be your most charming at the beginning of the conversation"
I have no comment on this =) But do remember to choose your topic wisely.

"Most people are more eager to be found interesting, funny, or insightful than to be interested, amused, or informed by you."
Whenever you start a topic, please ask yourself this question
"Is this funny or lame?" Although most of the time you find it funny, others might find it lame so you have to take the risk or maybe you can have a try out with your friends before you do onto strangers.

Well I've included my experience so I hope you understand what I'm trying to share here =)
If you want to get more of what I've highlighted please visit the source.

Pleasing in Social
Good Impression

IF you find this information useful please share with others. Thank You.
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