20 May 2009

Funny Facebook Quiz

Yes I recently(yesterday) just encountered another funny facebook quiz due to my friend request on doing the quiz, I done it.

As you can see the quiz result shows that I have NO BUTT! Clearly everyone has butt unless you cut it off!! Duh...But seriously it is really funny when I published the result in the facebook showing it to all my friends.

There is one called me alien and another called me no butt guy. HAHA!

Well it is great to be able to share the laughter around the network with just a small quiz like that!

Things like this should be shared around, there is no good or bad result as they all aren't accurate but there is a funny or plain result =)

For the last time I have butt =p

This is the 3rd funny quiz I've encountered...I believe more to come.

If you have missed the last 2 quiz, you can read them here.
1st funny facebook quiz
2nd funny facebook quiz

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