23 May 2009

Organise a Successful SMALL Gathering (Yam Cha)

It is not easy to organise a gathering for 10 or 20 friends at a same venue and same time! This require TEAMWORK without that it is very difficult for everyone to come by on the same time and venue.

I heard a lot of my friends saying that the gathering had been canceled or a total failure due to many people stand on the date. Well if you are saying like 5 people gathering, it is still manageable, but for an amount of like 15 or more than that you require the help from others.

Gathering is a VOLUNTEER job, not paid at all. If you guys wish to make the small gathering successfully carry out, which means able to gather up 15 people (same time same venue) will require the following :-

#~ONE temporary leader who will set the time and venue and possible activities carry out on that gathering
#~Maybe 4 or 5 people in your team. Each person will handle(inform) like 5 people in a list of friends.

You should be prepared as there is a possibility the amount of people might turn up more than you expected or not many will be joining. The TEMPORARY leader will have to keep update the LIST of people will turn up with the help of 4 people in the team who also need to solve the problem like unsuitable venue or other friends lack of transportation! The 4 of them are autonomous but will update to the leader!

LASTLY, I would to like to wrap up. ONE temporary leader with 4 members to help him to contact the other friends, ALL ARE VOLUNTEERS! GOOD LUCK

IF you find this information useful please share with others. Thank You.
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Johnny Ong said...

its not easy if that grp hasn't met for a long time

EliteVillain said...

I always hear my friends tell me they couldn't gather enough people. But i always believe if they work together it will success....teamwork. Unless you have the influence like Dr.M then its a different story =D

coco_panda said...

no's easy for my group of friends. HAHAHA.
1 big happy family. ^^