26 June 2009

Michael Jackson DIES

It was believed he suffered cardiac arrest in his home but no one can be sure until the autopsy is out. This year his age is 50 and was preparing for an unprecedented 50 shows at a London, with the first set for July 13, 2009.

Unfortunately, we couldn't see the great come back of Michael Jackson.... Michael Jackson had united black and white music by shattering the race barrier on MTV, and dominating the charts often.

Jackson had his 13 number one hits on the Billboard charts put him behind only Elvis Presley, the Beatles and Mariah Carey!!

I still remember I first saw his concert on TV at the age of 7 and I was mesmerized by his performance on stage! Then I kept on "interrogating" my mom about him.

Sadly to say but...The King of Pop is now no more....

RIP Michael Jackson, we will always remember you~

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