28 June 2009

Review : Transformer 2 (Revenge of The Fallen)

This is a great movie!!! Now i know why everyone keep praising the movie and asking others to watch in cinema~ You have to watch it to know it....I watched this movie today at the Berjaya Times Square with a Premier Class GSC =) I felt worth it, if I could I would watch it with Gold Class!

Warning Spoilers ahead~
Transformer 2 : Revenge of The Fallen

The Fallen was actually one of the SEVEN Prime, but he had big evil plan to use the Energon device to destroy the Sun thus his other SIX brothers stopped him from activating the device! Although the 6 of them had stopped him, but he has not died yet and he has a deciple, a.k.a Megatron!

There's also a story about how Decepticons able to switch side, as you can see from Jetfire =) And the ancient bots had been hiding and disguised to blend into earth!

Everything starts from ALLSPARKS, every little piece of it can cause chaos! And that little piece had revived a leader....Megatron from 6000+ feet under the ocean floor.... This is where the war begun and where Samuel Witwicky(Shia LaBeouf) embrace his destiny~

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day-dreamer said...

Yeah it was a great movie! Couldn't help but to LOL when Wheelie told Jetfire he wanted to switch sides too. Haha.

EliteVillain said...'s a chiwawa =D and it's quite a pervert...

Johnny Ong said...

gold class - difference is the chair ....... hehe

EliteVillain said...

seriously Johnny??? lol then i wont be going for gold class then =/ thanks for the hint!