09 July 2009

Updated FACTs to Know!

These surveys are good to know and I am not sure how many people read newspaper and find out this GREAT highlights....

Hey seriously I didn't know a thing about the Pudu LRT station had a girl trying to suicide at 9.30am, so I guess no one make a fuss about anything serious in Malaysia?? It took 1 hour to solve this incident and the news showed there were a lot of witnesses..... No rumour spread about this until the newspaper and news came out today....Well luckily no interruption for the LRT because my friends needed it to go college!

First Survey ~~~

Unbelievable fact from the survey conducted by a union of South Korean entertainers where the union had sent 2000 forms and only 183 responded. Thus
ONE out of five South Korean actresses were forced to have sex with influential figures, according to a survey in which 183 artistes participated.
Those who slept with the actresses were high-ranking executives of television stations, film directors, script writers, entertainment company owners, politicians and entrepreneurs.

Second Survey ~~~
63.2% of the Malaysians opposed to sex on the first date
73% of Hong Kong and Singapore citizens opposed to sex on first date

I agreed with this survey because nowadays people feel much more insecurity than before as there are a lot of rapists and kidnappers around!! Still the survey did not categories the gender....

Third Survey ~~~
600 Malaysians, Singaporeans and Hong Kongers, aged between 26 and 35.
39% of the Malaysian males could accept an older date
42% of the females would go out with younger men
51% of the men would date a taller woman
11% of the women had no objection to date a man shorter than them.

Although I am not sure about the survey fact because again they did not states whether the 600 participants' gender (eg : how many of them are male?? What about those below age 26??)

Source : The Star

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Quentin said...

oh,this news i read already yesterday, quite nice..haha....

EliteVillain said...

Yeah i know that's why i highlight it again in my blog! Glad you find it interesting~