28 August 2009

"ONE Malaysia" Touch n Go [New Edition Card]

This is the newest version of Touch n Go card....Furthermore, you can now have the card for FREE as you are not required to pay the the card (RM 10 value), you only need to pay for the reload amount...Which means you can get a RM 20 value card with just a RM 10 payment for the reload amount!

The offer for such card starts from 21 August 2009 until 30 November 2009.

KL Central or Faber Tower, both can obtain 1Malaysia card. I'll be going KL central to get it!!!

As you know now the card(1Malaysia Touch n Go) can be used at all places that offers Touch n Go services such as RapidKL, LRT, KTM Komuter, Monorail and ever certain parking places.

For more details, please visit Touch n Go website

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day-dreamer said...

Tipu mia, tarak stock!!!

p/s: Due to certain reasons, I have privatized my blog for the time being. It would be my pleasure to still have you over sometimes, so if you are interested, please send me the address where I can send you the invitation to Thank you for your continuous support! :D

EliteVillain said...

Hmm...that's weird because the advertisement said it's until 30 November 2009....i'll go ask around~

Johnny Ong said...

tara stock??? pity people who went all the way to buy but got nothing