25 August 2009

AirAsia Plane Crashed at KL Airport???

I also did received an email about "AirAsia Plane Crashed at KL Airport". The email claimed that the incident was NOT COVERED by the media, which is so untrue....

Too bad some people did not search properly
or they just did not read newspaper
or the accuser is smart by spreading the news 2 years later....

This incident was happened on Sunday, 07 NOVEMBER 2004! And it was reported in the media, so hope you all don't make anymore defamation otherwise you have to face the music later on....

Here's the evident that I had searched and gathered which I believe it proves a lot than email accusation!! Although the news did not put up more pictures but the point is they DID REPORTED!!

KOTA KINABALU: AirAsia Flight AK106 from Kuala Lumpur skidded off the runway at about 5.10pm during bad weather. Two passengers were injured when the Boeing 737 with about 100 passengers skidded.

A three year-old boy suffered a broken arm while another, who is still unidentified, had minor injuries. The remaining passengers and crew escaped unhurt.

Medical teams at the airport screened them before they were allowed to leave the airport.

One of the passengers, who identified herself as Zilla, said she felt the plane hitting a puddle of water when landing before swerving from the runway to the grass.

She said the aircrew members than advised the 100-odd passengers to exit through the emergency chutes.

"There was panic but no pandemonium," she said when met at the airport.

This is from the star newspaper ~~~

Kota Kinabalu: An AirAsia B737 with 111 passengers and five crew skidded while landing during bad weather at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Sunday.
All, except two passengers, escaped unhurt in the 5.50pm incident. Five-year-old Tracy Jessica twisted her arm while another woman in her 20s hurt her nose.

A Malaysian Airport Bhd ambulance sent the two to hospital. Tracy received outpatient treatment while the woman refused treatment, saying she had to catch a flight to Labuan.

The runway was temporary closed and five flights scheduled for take-off were cancelled while five in-coming flights from Kuala Lumpur were diverted to Sandakan airport.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who was on a one-day visit to Sabah, also had his departure delayed until 10.30pm when the runway was reopened to facilitate his return to the Federal capital in his private jet.

According to witnesses at the Third Beach in Tanjung Aru, near the KKIA perimeter fencing, the plane swerved badly and veered to the left onto the grass while landing.

"The nose of the plane dipped and smoke billowed from the belly of the plane. There was no unusual noise," he said.

This is from Daily Express ~~~~

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Johnny Ong said...

basically lots of m'sians don't do any checking before they spread news. totally not responsible at all

EliteVillain said...

Yeah, that's why it creates more job =D you see corruption, there will be anti-corruption....

so as this bad rumour, we clarify by being the opposite of Bad rumour =D