17 August 2009

Some of the Tough Interview Questions!

Most of us do not know what type of tough interview questions might be until we encountered it! What I'm trying to do now is to compile some of the tough interview questions I have found from the internet and books that can help you get through when you face these kind of questions.

Let's get started, shall we? =)
Read the questions and see the REASONs for such question being asked so you can formulate an original answer!

"Tell me about a time you had a conflict on the job."
The purpose in asking about a past conflict is not to see if you have ever had a conflict (the interviewer assumes you have). The goal is to see how well you resolve difficult situations and, if something did not work out in the past, what you learned from it.

Asking applicants about past experiences is known as behavioral interviewing. Behavioral interviewing involves asking about specific past behaviors in an attempt to determine how you would likely behave if you got the job.

"Describe your most successful project so far. What did you do to make it a success?" or "Describe a project where something went wrong. How did you solve the problem?"

To prepare for behavioral questions, spend time before the interview thinking about your past experiences so you can answer questions by: (1) describing the situation, (2) explaining what you did and what the outcome was, then (3) finishing with the experience you acquired or what you learned if the situation didn't turn out the way you had planned.

"Tell me how your career progressed at your last job?"
You should give an honest answer and try to explain the reason of why you had a fallback in your last career, try tell what skills you needed in order to fill in the last career position as this will tell the interviewer your skills.

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Johnny Ong said...

i can think of the answers now at the comfort of my own chair. but the feeling will be different once we sit at the interviewee's chair