17 August 2009

When I saw ACCA Result today.....

Yeah i said about lending people compass when they are lost after reading the ACCA result via email.... After knowing yourself had failed we have to pick up where we had fallen...there's on...

My friend say that this opinion i gave is good so I wanted to share with the rest of you who had failed your ACCA.....

ermm....we first must identify our problems then only know what is the solution (as usual study smart lor) but at least we know what we can do to improve it~

Exam only not "life or death"~ The problem isn't so big!

Exam sometimes also need to depend on ur luck and on-the-spot exam condition etc so dun blame ourself too much lar....move on and dun make the same mistake twice =)

THis is how I see failures and life....nothing is too big that we cannot handle... ACCA is just another part of the road I have to take~

Everytime we get the marks differently and we used a different method to do revision, thus we should be able to know where have we done wrong. Then improve it and try to succeed next attempt!!!!!!!

IF you find this information useful please share with others. Thank You.
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1 comment:

R@Y.^_^ @nGEL said...

Dun worry next attempt sure pass wan ..bro..hehe...