07 August 2009

Politic Foul Play?

When I was reading the Teoh Beng Hock's death in thestar newspaper, I was not surprised as our culture seem to evolve similar to European's culture....

Everything involving big organisation or politic has become AGGRESSIVE...No long settling the matter out of the media, everything will be told to media and broadcast to the nation. This is probably a good sign but it also lead to panic in the citizens' mental...

Well about Teoh Beng Hock's death, Dr Seah Lay Hong, a DNA scientist from the Chemistry Department said there is a possibility that Teoh's death is not accidental!!

Ya I believe there is a circulated video in the internet showing how Teoh was mistreated before his death....

Other countries may perceive our country as settling political matter with violence after watching the video~ but I believe it is no surprise as many of the countries had this kind of matter happening around their own countries already, am I right?? Don't be naive anymore everyone!!

Teoh's inquest has been 3 days now and continuing...

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