13 August 2009

Tough Question : Why Should I Hire You?

Things that you, the job seeker need to know before and during interview! I would say most of the employers will ask you a common classic question during the interview :-

"Why should I hire you?"

Interviewers love to see the candidates try to answer this type of question! Whenever the candidates feel he or she is in ther comfort zone after answering all the questions (and maybe test too), this question will pop up and throw the candidates off the floor~

Joe Turner advice :-
Be careful to avoid clever retorts or comedic one-liners here. Your interview is serious business and a wrong answer will send you packing. Give a wrong answer and the large "Game Over" sign flashes above your head.

-----Use The 'Story' Approach-----

What they really want to know is, "How are you different than all the other candidates who have applied for this position?" which also similar to this question "Will you go the extra mile?"

Interviewers have only five areas of interest on candidates:

* Your skills
* Your knowledge about the company
* Your manageability
* Your affordability
* Whether you can go above and beyond your job description

In this day of "lean and mean" operations philosophy, employers are looking for employees who can think bigger and perform duties above and beyond their jobs.

Lastly practise your "story" approach before the interview. Work your best way of answering this type of question. Set the scene, describe the challenge and describe your role and the successful conclusion. Use this as an example of how you use your particular set of skills in an extraordinary time to "give it your all" and produce a clear benefit to your employer if possible monetize (put a dollar value on) the end result, your story will only be that much more dramatic..... The way of answering this question could determine your chances of getting the job, and would make a good memorable impression!

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