12 September 2009

Checking in Progress....

This "Argumentation : Inquiry and Advocacy" book is about debate which is really irrelevant to my business studies in TAR college! After I searched through AMAZON website, I found out the book cost about RM 400 sigh....

So I called the TARC library for more inquiries....I asked them why am I not receiving any penalty letter from them after so many months (eg Jan, February and March 2009?).
"We've issued twice and our system still has the record of the penalty." they replied.
"But i didn't get any of them. If there is then I should have got it right? So why am I not?" I asked.
"If you want, we can check the personnel who distributed the penalty letter." They said.
"Okay please do, thank you...."

After that, I asked them maybe there is a possible mistake occur because I did not lend my id card to someone else to borrow a book irrelevant to my study and I never lost my id card and they can check to verify it.... Thus I ask maybe they can help me check the book shelf for such book being returned to it's own place.... Luckily they agreed to do so. And they will call me on Tuesday regarding the search result.

Seriously if I am a book burglar..... I would have stolen more than that! Then I wouldn't worry about the RM 100 refund~

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Quentin said...

what the hell is going on here??
they accused u didn't return the ''borrowed'' book ?? funny tarc..

EliteVillain said...

Sigh....seems like that lor...but now they checking the bookshelves...maybe the book already returned but no credit out my account~