25 September 2009

Malaysia Cars (Top Gear Review)

This is what the Top Gear hosts have to say for our Malaysia Proton Satria Neo and Perodua MyVi.....They critic our Malaysia cars (both) being made from plastic (almost whole car parts except engine)!! They even claim the cheap cars are rubbish!!!

So I guess even our cars being exported to oversea, we're still not compatible?? Being cheap cost cars in the oversea seems like it doesn't boost our reputation, the alternative is to create a better quality cars! Don't you agree???

The Perodua MyVi sold in United Kingdom for 7,600 pounds.
And Proton Satria Neo is sold for 10,000 pounds!

Main Point Video~

For those who dislike their comments, you(probably or not) are very patriotic thus you might be saying that "Support Nation Products" slogan, whereas those who agree with their comments, they might not support the national products (ie. cars)!!

You see, we're not talking about patriotism, because eventhough you are very patriotic but you're supporting the bad things in our country(every country has own bad things even USA) then it creates a bad publicity. Thus I think you are trying to destroy our country instead of helping it to improve....So in the end we're talking about business here and bringing the BRAND into the world!

Well for me, whatever the reasons....Top Gear reserve their rights to do critic upon any car models, people might not agree with their comments but the show sure did go on for many seasons(for some reasons)! So in the end of the day is that, whether their comment is genuine or just for "ear-catching"? It depends on how you all perceive their comments, we can be using their comments to improve our national car or we can just let it be.

As the Malaysia citizen, I think we all should ponder on this matter.

FULL VIDEO from YouTube~
Top Gear review on Cheap Cars Part 1 -

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