26 September 2009

Super Memory Human

Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory at the University of California had recently identified 4 super memory humans, although there are more of them yet been identified.... They are Bob Petrella, Jill Price, Brad Williams, and Rick Baron. These people are gifted with super memory skills.

1. Bob Petrella (Male)
He is a Los Angeles based producer for the Tennis Channel. If you give him a particular date for example
March 30, 1981, he could tell you not only that it was the day Reagan was shot, but also that Indiana beat North Carolina for the NCAA championship that evening.
That shows how well his brain can retain information to the very last details! He is like a walking History Book!!!

2. Jill Price (Female)
She is known as "nonstop, uncontrollable and totally exhausting." She was the first to be diagnosed with the condition, and recently published a memoir, The Woman Who Can’t Forget
She can perform like what Bob Petrella. She find super memory as a nuisance because it seem impossible for her to forget painful experiences... That's really pain in the ass....

3. Brad Williams (Male)
He is a Wisconsin radio anchor. Well he is not as good as Bob Petrella because he had a hard time recall sport news but he remembers pop-culture trivia very well!
For instance, he could name you every Academy Award winner and even nailed all five questions in the category "1984 Movies" when he appeared on Jeopardy! in 1990.

4. Rick Baron (Male)
He is unemployed. But he uses his super memory skill to win stuffs!!
His list of rewards include restaurant gift cards, tickets to sporting events, even all expense paid vacations (Baron has won 14 of them)
I wonder did he tried to win casino gamble by doing card-memorizing ???

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